Eskilstuna minigolf history

Few places have a minigolf history like Eskilstuna. It all began in the 1920's when Edwin O Norrman went to the United States. He returned to Sweden 1930 with fresh ideas after having seen minigolf courses for the first time and started a company, Norman & Norrman Miniatyrgolf, together with a friend, Eskil Norman. Their goal was to introduce minigolf in Sweden and soon the first courses were built in Eskilstuna. The next years they continued their mission and minigolf courses were built all over Sweden.

Nowadays, there are 3 clubs in Eskilstuna, all with their own history of over 50 years of activity. Through the years, there has been other clubs as well, but none of them exist today.

Eskilstuna Bangolfklubb

The oldest club, Eskilstuna Bangolfklubb (EBGK), was founded in 1932. For some reason, the activity was closed down in 1933, but then re-established in 1934. EBGK was one of the 7 clubs, which originally founded the Swedish Minigolf Federation in 1937. During the 50's and 60's, EBGK won 3 Swedish championship gold medals, but nowadays the activity is not so elite concentrated as it has been.

Bangolfklubben Spiik

The second oldest club, Bangolfklubben Spiik (BGKS), was founded in 1940 and the name alludes to the Swedish expression "spik", which is similar to "ace", clearing the course with one stroke. The most successful era for BGKS was during the 80's and 90's, when they won the Swedish team championships 2 times and the team championships for women 5 times. Through the years, the club also had lots of eminent players who participated in both European and World championships, like Gerd Andersson and her daughter Anneli (married Larsson), Peter Brown and his sons Lars and Johan, Peter Samuelsson, Johan Dyfvelsten and Tommy Blixt.

Fröslunda Bangolfklubb

Fröslunda Bangolfklubb (FBGK), consequently the youngest club, was founded in 1953. The golden years for FBGK were the 60's and 70's when they won the Swedish team championships 5 times. Through the years, also FBGK had several members playing on a high international level, like Lars Lingvall, Alf Pettersson, S-O Birgersson, Therese Gustavsson, Kurt Österberg, Jan Mattsson, Bo Bergman, Gerd Andersson (former member of BGK Spiik) and of course, Arne Spångtorp.